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This Pre-Op Diet Can Go To Hell! - AwesomeDome [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This Pre-Op Diet Can Go To Hell! [Sep. 17th, 2011|04:10 pm]
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[Current Music |Queen "Princes of the Universe"]

This Pre-Op Diet Can Go To Hell!

I am in the middle of Day 3 of my 2 week pre-op diet, or as I like to call it, Pudding Hell.

Day 1 started with a bowl of oatmeal made with Splenda, cinnamon and skim milk.  I ate and ate and never seemed to find the bottom of the bowl.  It was like that damned bowl of water from Half-Blood Prince that Dumbledore is drinking from and doesn't seem to empty.  I wish I had a Harry Potter to force me to eat my oatmeal.
Later that day I struggled with my strawberry flavored no sugar added applesauce.  It was the same effect, the container was magical and kept replenishing itself.  I also had some sugar free pudding snack packs.    
For dinner I had more pudding and some 98% fat free cream of chicken soup, by far the best thing I have eaten yet.  By the way, the use of the word "chicken" in the name of this product is pushing it.  It's almost like they made the soup then showed it a picture of a chicken crudely drawn by a 4 year old with poor motor skills and figured that was enough of an association with chicken to call it cream of chicken. 
Throughout the day I am drinking my protein shakes.  They aren't all that bad.  After the surgery I can add peanut butter and stuff to them, so there is hope there.
Eleven days to go.    



[User Picture]From: indyselsa
2011-09-18 01:25 am (UTC)
I just caught up on pretty much all of your journal (despite being distracted by the awesomeness of your wolves) and I have to say HOT DAMN I'M IMPRESSED. Good luck with days 4-14, and beyond. That sleep apnea stuff- I tried holding my breath for 35 seconds and crapped out at around 17. Just, holy shit!
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